De Musitel 751 6 alarmingangen en 1 relais.

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The Musitel 751 has 6 alarm inputs and 1 relay. 

Total control over all your installations. A reliable and secure GSM alarm signaling device.

 Operation :

The Musitel 751 contains a regular SIM card. A pre-paid card is completely suitable for this.
The device is equipped with six inputs and one output (relay contact).
The entrances monitor your technical installations according to criteria that you can determine freely.
At the slightest emergency, one or more SMS are sent.
The alert can also be given with vocal messages that your leading edge has registered.
Now you have to intervene: a contact that you can control remotely with a text message or the keys of your phone allows you to switch devices on or off.


The sent SMS can be sent to 10 different numbers.
The text is free, so that you can give a clear description of what the
A vocal message can be transmitted to the 10 same numbers and this in
supplement or not with an SMS.

1 remote controllable relay :

The relays can be operated with an SMS or with a normal telephone call.
Security is ensured by introducing a password on the telephone keypad (from any number) or by identifying the calling number (CLIP must be visible).

The Musitel 751 keeps in memory the last 1000 events.

Programming :

The Musitel can be configured via USB or remotely via the server with the configuration program.

USB: Via a USB cable
Cloud: Remote connection via the Internet, via a server made available by the manufacturer.
Peer-To-Peer: Direct connection via the Internet. You can use this option when the computer running the software and the SIM card installed in the device are connected to the same VPN or private APN.
The configuration software is only compatible with the following Windows operating systems:

Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit)
Windows 8.x (32 and 64 bit)
Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit)

GSM Antenna :

The GSM antenna is supplied with the device.

MONITORING : 6 independent inputs

Control of the inputs :

  • at each alarm, by receiving an SMS message ;
  • on return to normal, by receiving a text message ;
  • at each alarm, by receipt of vocally recorded message (10 seconds) ;
  • on return to normal, by receipt of vocal recorded message;
  • Each input can be active 24/24 hours, or only when the device is "turned on".Operation :

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