Sentrius RS1xx LoRa-Enabled Sensors

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Sentrius RS1xx LoRa-Enabled Sensors



- RS1xx with Ext. RTD Temperature Probe Sensor

- RS1xx with Open/Closed sensor + Integrated Temp / Relative Humidity


Now available: Sensor variants supporting LoRaWAN regions AU915-928 and a growing number of countries in the AS923 region

The Sentrius™ RS1xx temperature and humidity sensors enable battery-powered, local and wide-area sensor applications using LoRaWAN and Bluetooth 4.2! The RS1xx are small, rugged, and easily configurable sensors making it easier than ever to monitor environmental data with your own network of sensors.

Whether it’s the integrated temperature and humidity sensor or the external temperature probe sensor with a wider temperature range, both are powerful yet power-conscious sensors. Configurable to transmit infrequently and last for years on the same set of two replaceable AA batteries. This means minimal maintenance, a network you can deploy and depend on.

Easily create a sensor network that provides miles of coverage, easily configurable via a Smartphone or tablet. Connect to any existing LoRaWAN network server or Gateway or, combine with our RG1xx Gateway to build your own end-to-end sensor network. Do it all with confidence, leveraging Laird Connectivity's decades of wireless design into the most reliable, customizable and high-performance sensor network available.

New sensors compliant with LoRa Alliance regional parameters and country radio certifications mean that, building on the existing popular North American (US902-928) and European (EU863-870) variants, Laird Connectivity now offer several new variants of the Sentrius RS1xx Sensors for operation in Australia (AU915 or AS923), Taiwan or New Zealand (AS923).

Wide Range of External Temperature Monitoring Options

The RS1xx external RTD temperature probes serve specialized temperature ranges for accurate temperature reading in extreme environments.
NOTE: The RTD external temperature probe cable assembly is not included with the Sentrius sensor enclosure, or vice versa, each part must be ordered individually. It’s a 1:1 ratio of region-specific sensor enclosure to sensor cable assembly. For the full list of RTD supporting sensor enclosure part numbers, please refer to the product briefs (linked below) or the Part Number table below.

Low Temp

(-100°C to +100°C)


Low temperature RTD sensor probe suited for cold-chain applications such as food safety, vaccine storage, industrial cooling, and more.

Mid Temp

(-40°C to +180°C)


Mid temperature RTD sensor probe suited for applications such as industrial cookers and smokers, food safety, HVAC, and more.

High Temp

(-50°C to +450°C)


High temperature RTD sensor probe suited for applications such as extreme industrial applications, fryers, pizza ovens, and more.


Bluetooth Version:


Data Logging: 10,000 measurements (256k of flash memory available)
IP Rating: IP 65
Input Power: 2 x AA - replaceable
Memory: 256 k of flash memory available
LoRa: Up to 10 miles
Software: Mobile Application: Android & iOS – Remote sensor display and/or configuration + Firmware Update

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