Pelican 9455 RALS Safety Light - ATEX Zone 0

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The Peli RALS 9455Z0 is the world's first hard-to-reach lighting system to achieve three global safety certifications: European ATEX Zone 0 (Cat. 1), IECEx ia and for North America CI, D1.
This RALS is the safest product in its class.

Pelican 9455 RALS Safety Light 

Explosion Proof Floodlight

With the Peli 9455Z0, Peli brings the first RALS to the market with an ATEX Zone 0 certificate. With a light output of 1600 lumens and a wide light image of 125 degrees, you can illuminate large areas without having to turn the lamp head. In the lamp head you will find 10 LEDs which last approximately 50,000 burning hours. The maximum operating time of the Peli 9455Z0 is up to 10 hours, which is at the lowest setting of 800 lumens. On the high setting of 1600 lumens, you can use the Peli 9455Z0 for up to 5 hours. You can use this lamp for an entire working day or shift without recharging!

The housing of the Peli 9455Z0 is made of polycarbonate and is colored neon yellow. This means you will always see the lamp, even in the dark! Weighing in at 7.3 kg, the Peli 9455Z0 is quite light and easy to carry with the included shoulder strap. The light pole is extendable up to 80 cm and can be rotated 360 degrees.

The built-in NiMH battery is extremely durable and when the lamp can be used for another half hour, it will flash briefly every 10 minutes. We recommend charging the lamp as soon as possible. The lamp is operated by means of a rubber switch, which can be found on the back of the lamp head of the Peli 9455Z0.



  Pelican 9455 RALS Safety Light - ATEX Zone 0

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