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oculavis SHARE enables hands-free collaboration with smart glasses
but also with all phones and tablets that are right at your hand.

Oculavis Share

oculavis SHARE enables hands-free collaboration with smart glasses
but also with all phones and tablets that are right at your hand.

Smart Glass Use Cases

Remote Collaboration for the Industry with oculavis SHARE

Save time & money by solving problems remotely. Redefine the way service and maintenance is done today. With smart glasses, augmented reality and the multiple award winning remote support solution oculavis SHARE!

Machine Service

oculavis SHARE is designed to take customer support for machine manufacturers to the next level. Stop traveling the world for service. Provide machine documentation via Augmented Reality to your end users or connect live to your customers' point of view and solve problems remotely.

Fast Service

Connect to your customers' field of view with augmented reality powered video calls and solve problems with machines remotely. Be there in your customers' moment of need and provide fast remote support with oculavis SHARE.

Service Contact Point

End users of machines & equipment can easily access the remote service solution oculavis SHARE by scanning a QR code that can be created in our platform and physically be attached to your machines and equipment in the field. Provide your customers' service contact point where they need it.

Your Service, Your Apps

oculavis SHARE can turn into a branded service application in order to be perceived as your customer support solution. Smart Glasses App, mobile Apps for iOS and Android as well as the web app can be provided in your corporate design.

Acceptance Inspections

For the acceptance of machines and components, our remote service solution can be used to save the end customer travel time and costs. At the same time a significantly better documentation possibility is provided.


Training operators with augmented reality based step-by-step instructions offers a new way of customer onboarding. In addition you can connect live to their field of view and explain how a machine works.

Reduce Unplanned Downtimes

oculavis SHARE is your troubleshooting tool when it comes to unplanned machine stoppages. By connecting live to the operators field of view, problems can be solved faster and the overall effectiveness of machinery and equipment can be improved.

Scheduled Maintenance

Save time in scheduled maintenance tasks and make use of the advanced documentation features of oculavis SHARE. Wrap it all up in maintenance cases, create reports or connect existing asset management systems.

Permit to Work

Executing maintenance operations in hazardous environments usually requires a permit to work. This is often realized by a cross-eye principle. With oculavis SHARE this scenario can easily be improved by having an expert with you all the time.

Continuous Improvement

Get the most of your workers ideas! Capture improvement suggestions with image and video documentation right where they emerge - in the daily processes with machines, work stations and alike.

Hands-free working with smart glasses

Unleash the full potential of your remote colleagues by working hands-free. Discover which smart glasses are suitable for this task.


Also any kind of audit process is typically associated with travelling. With the advanced documentation feautures of oculavis SHARE product or process audits can be conducted remotely.

Voice Control Integration

Voice control is an accessibility feature integrated into smart glasses, allowing you tro control your device entirely with just your voice. It's designed to help you operate your device on the go. Comprehensively interact with applications, navigate or edit documentation, make calls and send messages.

Build software on demand

With the extensive development kit there's the option for you to design applications and programs that are specific and tailored to your expectations. If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to send us a message. 

Smart Glasses and Digital Work Flow
Say goodbye to paper based Standard Operating Procedures and digitalize the process to transform your business. 
Digital work instruction platforms let you easily manage enterprise procedues and inspections through a digital admin platform. Field workers can execute these procedures with their smart glasses. Digitally, step by step work flow instructions are brought to life to make sure the job gets done right the first time.  This type of task flow can be processed on the display of your smart glasses.

The three most important criteria of smart glasses


It does not make snese to use smart glasses that are too sensitive to dirt, noise, rough handling and other external factors that normally occur in real-world industrial use cases. Except your application takes place in a clear and sterile laboratory or alike.


Processing power, field of view, battery lifetime, camera resolution are only a few of the factors that drive the overall performance of a certain type of smart glasses.

Wearing Comfort

The human factor matters most. Therefore the wearing comfort of smart glasses drives the acceptance of this technology and finally the success of its deployment.

Our SmartGlass options

If you require personalized adivce on which kind of headset might be the best fit for you or your business, do not hesitate to contact us for more information. See some of our options through these links or the related products. 

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Still curious? Watch this video to see Oculavis Share in action

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