GH1202 Handheld tracker

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- Alarm button
- Call function
- Loudspeaker
- Parking function
- Silent call
- Set up remote with SMS messages
- Micro USB connector
- Three indication LEDs

GH1202 Handheld tracker



Device Overview:

The GH1202 GPS tracking device from Teltonika is a dedicated personal tracker. The GH1202 has many user-friendly tracking features that allow for the tracking of individuals or valuable assets for 100 hours. A built-in SOS button can be programmed to generate an alert using the Position Logic alert system. Alerts are sent to a designated contacts using via text message and email. These features and many more allow for GPS tracking on the go that can keep an asset or individual safe.


Device Features:

Handheld design for Individual design
Internal GPS/GMS Antennas
Programmable panic button
Up to 100 Hours of tracking on a single charge
Several user tracking modes



Device Applications:

VIP Tracking
Pet Tracking
Elderly Care
Child Protection



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