Thermal Phoenix Rugged Dual-sensor PTZ Camera

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The PHX-39X-TI is an incorporated double sensor Network ONVIF IP PTZ framework that
brags a 39X Full-HD determination CMOS sensor and an exceedingly tuned warm imager
for genuine every minute of every day execution.


The PHX-39X-TI is a coordinated double sensor Network ONVIF IP PTZ framework that

gloats a 39X Full-HD determination CMOS sensor and an exceptionally tuned warm imager

for genuine day in and day out execution. Coordinating these two sensors gives unparalleled

execution bringing about exact location, acknowledgment, and distinguishing proof of

gatecrashers. Every one of this is coordinated into a tough IP 66 lodging built of

fortified aluminum with composite treated hostile to destructive covering. Combined with the

inside warmer/blower, this permits the Phoenix to withstand the harshest atmospheres

what's more, the most severe strikes, making it perfect for portable organization, border

security, country safeguard, and seaside assurance.



Double sensor optical and warm incorporated ONVIF IP PTZ framework

› 1920×1080 progessive output CMOS day/night system camera

› 39X Optical 8–315mm HD IR-revised constant zoom focal point

› Optical field of perspective from 39° to 1°

› User characterized WDR, HLC, BLC, AWB, Dehaze/Defog by means of web customer

› 640×480 or 320×240 Gen II 17μm VOx uncooled warm imager

› 26mm–75mm f1.0 ceaseless zoom mechanized germanium focal point

› Dynamic Image Contrast Enhancement (DICE) for an unmistakable warm picture

› Up to 2.4km human location and 7.3km vehicle identification with warm

› Extreme warmer/blower for operation in - 45°C to 60°C

› Optically immaculate level survey window

› Integrated mechanical infrared cut channel for outright clarity

› Micro-stride innovation for snappy, precise dish/tilt superior to anything 0.1°

› Rugged IP66 military evaluation outline with secure military link connectors

› Military connector supplies video, force and telemetry more than 1 link

› Designed for settled, marine and portable applications

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