SamCon e.Vario RoughCam

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The SamCon RoughCam E.Vario is an extremely robus analog camera with a motorized variofocal lens. This camera manages to deliver superb picture quality for monitoring and surveillance.

Samcon Roughcam Minitube


Robust Analog Camera with Variofocal Lens.

The RoughCam e.Vario is an analog camera with a robust, compact design enters the market with a variofocal lens while delivering superb picture quality for the monitoring of processes and surveillance. The RoughCam E.Vario is made to be used in the hardest industrial conditions. The devices features a robust build, made to be light and compact. It has day and night functionality and an protection level of IP68 while still featuring full HD resolutions at 1920 by 1080 pixels. The camera has a light sensitivity of 0.1lx. The camera can be remote controlled.

Noteworthy features

With the provided tutorials the RoughCam e.Vario shows, camera handling becomes easy. In just a few steps the entire system is demonstrated, allowing you to zoom and focus via remote control. It's easy and comfortable in it's use and the housing doesn't need to be opened. Due to it's very robust housing the camera is suitable for nearly all applications. The device is rugged enough for industial conditions, letting it withstand even the highest mechanical demands. 

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