Aegex NexVu IoT Sensor

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A safe and reliable IoT sensor solution that can be immediately integrated into your hazardous environment Aegex NexVu IoT solutions are currently certified to provide real-time insights and situational awareness for hazardous operating environments. With NexVu, organizations can monitor multiple key indicators throughout the facility at the same time, and can view their operational data in a broader context, allowing them to identify potential problems before they start or mitigate challenges early. Use NexVu's customizable intrinsically safe sensor array (including smart sensors, endpoints, and radios) to safely manage any potentially flammable environment

How was the Nexvu designed?
Aegex designed this product to provide an cheaper solution to transform existing infrastructure and monitor new facilities by applying IoT technology to hazardous environments. During their proof of concept, Aegex worked with multiple customers to place NexVu in the hazardous area of its facility. During this period, they monitored the accuracy, efficiency and completeness of the data. their engineers studied the test environment and adjusted the data collection sensors and their software to improve their initial product design capabilities.

NexVu IoT Sensor System for Hazardous areas | Mobexx

What is the NexVu?
NexVu is a modular array of intrinsically safe IoT sensors with wireless connectivity, which can be configured with 55 different sensor nodes to achieve millions of combinations, enabling users to monitor the operating conditions of their choice. NexVu sensors include monitoring of most gas types and environmental conditions. In addition, there is a wildcard node with 4-20mA traditional connection capability, which can be connected to other sensing devices to realize in-depth and time-synchronized data collection. NexVu usually completes the installation of the system within an hour, without permission to start work. Depending on the configuration, the cost of procurement and installation is usually less than 20% of the competitive cost of each sensor installation.

Viewing options.
NexVu data can be safely viewed on Aegex tablets and other ATEX handheld and tablet devices in hazardous environments, and shared between operations teams, or can be viewed offsite in a data center without the need for physical on-site inspections. Detecting gas leaks as well as vibration, temperature, or other environmental conditions can provide detailed insights into operations, helping operators prevent problems before they occur, or alleviate problems before they get worse. Gaining better contextual data and meaningful insights through NexVu can help organizations develop preventive maintenance plans, issue abnormal alerts, or predict potential emergencies.

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